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Other services to consider include workshops or a private session for a more guided introduction to my teachings and the Power Within Healing community.

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Self-study courses offer guidance for healing your energy through somatic therapy, meditation, and breathwork. These courses can help you come home to yourself as you move you into the next phase of your life with love and acceptance.

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I have designed a mentorship program to teach you how to create a safe space for anyone moving through adversity. I based this program on my years of private coaching, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, and my background in psychology and trauma informed care. In addition, I offer online courses that help you deepen your self-care practice. As you do your work to heal, you can show up more fully in service, and together we can shift collective consciousness.

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“Hi, I’m Nicole.

I’m an energy healer who integrates somatic therapy, meditation and breathwork.”

Nicole Smith Levay is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer (E-RYT, YACEP, 700hr+), somatic therapist for women healing from trauma, workshop facilitator at esteemed venues like Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and lifelong improvisational dancer. She holds a MA Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. Using her training and experience, she guides Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops, YogaWorks hatha yoga inspired classes, transcendental movement experiences, and Breathwork Circles. Her specialization is in learned emotional regulation, trauma informed care, pain recovery, astrological themes, and embodied spiritual connection. She imparts dedication and reverence to yogic philosophy and historical lineages.

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There I was, a thirty year old, after what felt like a lifetime of working hard, working intelligently, working creatively… didn’t matter… there I was… laid out and unable to move… on my boyfriend’s couch — for WEEKS. He and my mother were taking turns helping me get to the bathroom! It was embarrassing. It felt like I was dying. People around me were very concerned. And it was true, parts of me WERE dying.

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About two weeks ago I first heard of the abuse allegations made against Yogi Bhajan in a recently published book, and while I was saddened, I was not shaken. It has taken me time to formulate my own feelings and thoughts separately from the masses. I noticed I was waiting for my personal teachers to speak, and realized I am somehow missing the point and needed to voice my own opinion.

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— Anonymous Client, 33 y/o female

“A grounded, empathetic presence, Nicole addresses mental health concerns in a holistic, embodied way. With her support I was able to understand how the relationship between my emotions and bodily sensations shaped my reactions to everyday challenges and opportunities. Nicole composed different meditations and exercises to support me through my journey, which included regaining my confidence, tapping into my sense of creativity, quitting smoking, and clearing my aura of different energetic intrusions.” — Anonymous Client, 33 y/o female

— Jane P.

“It is a gift to receive the wisdom of your cosmology, somatics, and kundalini yoga expertise. So very grateful for your teaching and leadership especially as we embrace awakening, awareness, healing and transformation. It is an honor to join you in your sessions.” — Jane P.

— Kristen B.

“I was suffering from chronic pain, was unable to dance, and was extremely sad, angry, and frustrated. I didn’t know how to cope with the physical or emotional trauma I was experiencing and I felt incredibly alone and hopeless. It was in that dark place that I was introduced to Nicole and made the best decision of my life.” — Kristen B.

— Ann D.

“Nicole is the kind of teacher that guides you to see how strong and capable you are of. She is knowledgeable, loving, inspiring and has a steady calm presence that made this experience the perfect fusion of relaxing, fun, and full of new. I surprised myself at how much Kundalini yoga and meditation I was capable of doing, and I owe so much of that to the safe space Nicole created.” — Ann D.

— Dina L.

“Did I mention how incredibly fortunate and grateful I am to have Nicole Smith Levay as my somatic yoga therapist? Just back from one of my last of 10 sessions as a private client and feel so blessed. Today, we recalled my goals. We talked about the lessons learned. The conversation was sweet. Nicole is someone who is exceptional at her work. I couldn’t have picked a better companion on this journey. She is wise, loving and caring. She sees me. What a gift!” — Dina L.

— Birgitte M.

“Nicole is such a beautiful soul, she made everyone feel welcome, comfortable and at ease and I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from her. The experience has launched me onto a new trajectory of embracing me as I am and exploring new ideas and belief systems. Thank You, Nicole!” — Birgitte M.

— Keeley W.

“Please work with Nicole! You will be well on your way to a much more happy, satisfied you! Your soul will rest easier and your energy will be renewed for taking on whatever life throws at you! Since the course ended, I have an abundance of creative projects coming to me that I love. I’m also dating a man who is totally great! It feels so good to be living the dream. Thank you so much for all your help, check ins, and continued inspiration, Nicole!” — Keeley W.
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