My Clients Achieve

• A fulfilling life purpose
• Healthy, happy relationships
• Freedom from anxiety and spiritual suffering
• Confident presence everyday
• Movement with ease in the body and a thriving vitality.
• An embodied sense of life-giving boundaries

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...of working with an authentically HOLISTIC healer, approaching your challenges from the ENTIRE person (mind, body, and spirit) and TRULY rewriting your destiny.

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The pain is the teacher and awareness is the medicine

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What My Clients Say

Through perceptive listening, Nicole composed different Kundalini yoga meditations and exercises to support me through my journey, which included regaining my confidence, tapping into my sense of creativity, quitting smoking, and clearing my aura of different energetic intrusions.
anonymous client

Kristen B. I was suffering from chronic pain, was unable to dance, and was extremely sad, angry, and frustrated. I didn’t know how to cope with the physical or emotional trauma I was experiencing and I felt incredibly alone and hopeless. It was in that dark place that I was introduced to Nicole and made the best decision of my life.
Kristen B.

Victoria K. I am so grateful that Nicole appeared in my life at a time when I needed someone to help me clear away the old thoughts and patterns that were holding me back. She guided me beyond dreaming of a better life to building that life while I'm living it. Instead of allowing a fear of failure turn me to stone, I can't wait to see what I come up with next!
- Victoria K.

scottie Nicole is a brilliant guide. Always uplifting, illuminating, extremely intelligent, she is a mentor, coach, and healer just oozing pure wisdom, compassion, and love… and she WILL reach you and touch you. You will be changed.
Scottie S.

With a mix of meditation, yoga and [coaching] sessions I was able to adapt healthy habits into my daily routine which helped me work towards my life goals. The great thing about it was that not only did my personal life flourish but my creative life has also benefitted.
- Lily A.

testimonial-nicki I’ve since come to find Kundalini to be a life saver for me mentally and physically. I have learned to see pain as a call to action for deeper self healing and not to “push through.” I recommend Nicole and her offerings with highest confidence!
Nicki M.

testimonial-keeley Since the course ended, I have an abundance of creative projects coming to me that I love. I’m also dating a man who is totally great! It feels so good to be living the dream.
Keeley W.

testimonial-ilana The work I did with Nicole gave me the tools I needed to push away my personal cobwebs and connect with the light and potential that resides within myself. I found how the importance of self love, self forgiveness, and gratitude lead me on the path of a self fulfilling, connected and rich life.
Ilana R.

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Are you ready to be a thriving leader and teacher living life on your own terms?