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You are seeking more connection to the work you’re doing in life.

You want to feel a sense of purpose in every step you take, but you’ve defaulted to survival mode and disconnection to protect yourself.

You’ve attempted to break-free from that state with yoga classes and meditation apps.

Healing didn’t happen like you thought it would with traditional therapy.

It didn’t quite give you the internal shift you’re looking for.

Now, you’re in a place of feeling stuck between feeling you have to live this way and yearning for something different, something more.

The healing work you are looking for is done through kundalini, breathwork, and somatics.​

This multi-modality alchemical practice is going to invite your body to make the internal energy body shifts to finally break the painful patterns holding you back from living a life filled with confidence, purpose, connection, and grace.

I needed this so badly. I have felt a lot of heaviness for weeks and needed a change in environment in order to find my joy again. The transformation was so powerful. I received needed messages and great joy. Nicole is such a great retreat leader! Super intuitive, flexible, kind and so talented, each retreat has been better than the one before. Can’t say enough about the location and the food! Each time we come together with old and new friends I fall in love again. I’m still glowing.

Cindy B.

Experience a Transformation You Could’ve Never Imagined Before

Travel the world surrounded by those who understand the healing these practices offer.

Join us locally or for virtual events…

Connect with like-minded souls, gather locally to deepen the connecting with your inner self for this healing work, confidence building, and gaining clarity in your path forward.

From Fear to Flourish

My Journey of Transformation and Empowerment

I’ve overcome fears and achieved milestones I thought were impossible. I went from being a dancer who struggled with severe performance anxiety to an internationally touring performer. I gained the strength to let go of toxic relationships that led me to marry my soulmate, whom now I travel the world with. Once I was an entrepreneurial novice in wellness, and now grown into a successful wellness CEO, a best selling published author, and voted “Woman To Watch” by She Heals the World. These accomplishments all came through healing myself and helping others heal as well.


What a wonderful, amazing experience. I have never been on a retreat and did not know what to expect. I felt 100 percent confident that Nicole would create a retreat that would leave me feeling like my best self. Not only did I feel that, but I am still feeling the effects of the weekend. Nicole made sure that when my daughter and I got there, we were comfortable and secure. Each day was planned perfectly with meditation, movement, breathing, sharing, journaling and hiking in nature. Bringing my daughter made us much closer. I have worked with Nicole learning and discovering Kundalini Yoga. During the pandemic, my husband and I continued with her online website that enabled us to always take a class when it was convenient for us. Thank you Nicole for a weekend I will never forget and will keep close to my heart.

Bethe B.

Earth Medicine Magic in Northern California

The biggest takeaway is connection to self through learning HOW to surrender. Learning how to let go. A lot of my struggles with the anxiety and the compulsive behavior was very fear-based. Now I truly have had practices in place. And I thought I was living mindfully before and/but now— through just the actual practices… the breathwork, the movement, the meditations, paired with the increased self understanding. It’s this new sense of like, I can handle this! Like I really can! There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore. I can let go of control because this discomfort that comes up that’s inside of me sometimes- with the practices, I’m able to work it through and feel more refreshed and present, ready for anything.

Forward Momentum participant

This was my third retreat with Nicole. During each I discovered more about myself and ways to deal with issues preventing me from living a full and joy-filled life. I had a profound awakening and realized I was continually in an old pattern that I needed to overcome and discard. Once discovered through the healing process evoked by our classes, sharing, movement and breath work, I became more able to overcome this negative cycle. Since then I have taken major steps forward without guilt but rather with joy! I have unending gratitude for Nicole and the entire group of participants who supported me lovingly as I began to emerge into a stronger and happier woman.

retreat attendee

Connect with Source Energy 2.0: Creativity Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

In Somatic Coaching, we become aware of signals and sensations the body is sending us and learn to use therapeutic techniques to reflect, digest, and release tension the body is holding by identifying new paths of emotion or experience emerging. What this might look like is talking for a few minutes, some guided meditation, breathing exercises and sensation tuning in, physical exercise like movement or other embodiment activity, voicework, grounding exercises, and, with consent, some hands-on awareness energy healing.

Somatic Coaching has a shared foundation with psychotherapy in the field of psychology, but it doesn’t solely rest there. Traditional talk therapy is often able to address mental and emotional issues, but for some people who may be able to “talk and think around” their deeper challenges and issues due to the ways they have needed to be resilient in their traumas, somatic coaching provides a quick and direct access to communication with the heart of the matter through the body. In addition, these traumas chronically affect our breathing and nervous system, which then affects our physiological systems. Psychotherapy may or may not aid in helping these physiological issues such as digestive issues, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, or hormonal dysregulation. A modality like Somatic Coaching paired with yoga therapeutics, works holistically with all the systems of the body, mind, and spirit sees the interrelation of all things, thereby affecting the whole person.

Somatic Coaching can be effective for a range of issues. It is most effective for people looking to improve their emotional regulation and awareness, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase body confidence, connect with intuition and body sense, address relational patterns, and reduce stress and addictions. Studies show body-centered therapies with trauma-informed care, such as somatics and yoga therapeutics, can be useful in working with PTSD, whether it be from a one-time event or ongoing.

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