Yoga for Actualizing Goals and Yoga for Stress Reduction

Two Leela Yoga Workshops in June on the majestic island of Alameda

with Nicole Smith
500-hour yoga teacher, certified life coach, and master’s student in Somatic Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies

Do you or someone you love suffer from…

  • Doing work you feel you have to do vs. doing work you’d love to do?
  • Mood swings or a feeling that you can’t calm yourself at times?
  • Pain and illness that seems to be in a pattern with your stress and emotional distress?

Come get relief at two workshops, back to back weekends in June, Sundays starting at 2pm: Yoga for Actualizing Goals and Yoga for Stress Reduction.

I also can promise at the end of this post, I’ll give you a little simple taste of what you may receive 🙂

These two topics are truly two of my favorites! They actually feel like the yin and yang fuel of my energetic practices that keep me balanced, neutral, and flowing down the path towards my visions and dreams. I’m really excited to share toolkits of movement practices, postures, breathwork, kriyas, meditations, and journaling prompts that can help anyone who feels stuck in these areas! Doesn’t matter whether or not you have a regular yoga practice right now, enter from where you are, bite off what you can chew — and I’ll be giving lots of take-away resources to come back and visit as time moves on!

As someone who has healed through the above struggles, also speaking as a life coach who also holds endless hours of yoga and psychotherapy training, I can say with confidence that the positive changes we desire in our life can only come from inner work. The outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside. A lifetime of talk therapy, becoming a disciplined follower of a meditation guru, and a daily practice of yoga or spiritual devotion MAY very well take care of those challenges listed previously through long-term study and discipline. I’m certainly not denying that…

AND… in the meantime…
Wouldn’t it be nice to find and design a personal practice (with parts of that same scientific technology of yoga and healing arts) that can support you where you are now, here today?

These workshops will be chock full of bite sized pieces that can be used interchangeably (at home or on the road), to support you when you are working in those struggle areas.

Here’s a piece to try right now:

Close your eyes, put one hand on your belly and one on your heart, breathe slowly (maybe counting the breath in for four and out for four about two minutes), imagine your mind starting to melt down into your heart with every sensation of relaxation, then ask the small, still quiet voice within, “Heart/Soul/Inner Guidance… Is attending these workshops in my highest good and best interest?”

I trust I’ll see you there if we are to meet…

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