Some things may seem unforgivable. If we’re holding onto the situation still though, we’re only really keeping that energy in our cells. We are blocking off the heart chakra and it can turn into other things. The energy turns into chronic pain, bitterness, depression, passive aggression, and more.

So for instance, let’s say something happened in life and you’ve had a grudge around it for a long time. But one day you meet someone who had a similar situation and you feel safe and held enough to have a discussion around it, to talk about how hard that was for the two of you and there’s this resonance heart-to-heart. There is also, probably, a bit of an emotional release. There is a bit of this energetic rush of “these are things I have wanted to say to someone for so long and I haven’t been able to say it.”

That is really where the Fourth and Fifth Chakra come together. The Fourth you remember we talked about the Anahata which means unstruck sound. So when the heart is at its most balanced it is this vibratory tuning field that holds all of our past, present and future. It is really really aligned with our breath, with the ins and outs of the breath.

The Fifth Chakra is all about attunement in a different way or just in a continuation. Fourth Chakra is more about air, feeling, and emotion. As you move to the Fifth Chakra it’s actually about ether, more the element of ether, which means it’s even more subtle. It is not about the words someone is saying and it is not about what their body is doing. It is about some subtle sense within you which, maybe we’re getting more into intuition. It’s about the unseen and the unknown and strengthening that subtle quality within you to take your intuition from being 20% correct to 65% correct so that when you’re filtering the experiences you’re having it is not based on past experience but is truly based in this present moment’s listening and attunement. That’s the Fifth Chakra.

This is what in Anodea Judith says about it: ‘When you pluck a string it vibrates. The vibration lasts until the impact upon the string is neutralized. Then it returns to quiet and stillness again. If you hit the string harder the sound will last longer. If you hit it softly it will barely make a sound at all.”

In this same way life will pluck the chord of your central channel (the energy that runs within you that connects all the Chakras) with people and events that move your soul. Call it positive or negative, these impacts cause a vibration at the core of your being. If you’re able to allow that vibration to echo through your body and express itself back out again as the truth, you discharge the impact and everything comes back to normal.

But this stillness is lighter and freer, this is our essence. But what happens when you can’t do this? What happens when you can’t tell the truth, when nobody listens to you, when you are ridiculed for what comes out of your mouth? Then you have to shut it down. You shut it down. You shut off the heart, you shut off the throat.

The posture might change, it might not. It might be on a subtle level. For instance, a grown woman who talks like an eight-year-old, who can’t get the voice out of ‘this place’. You can tell it is blocked when you hear that person talk. Maybe even your neck gets a little stiff when someone’s voice is chronically restricted. The Prana doesn’t flow, the tissues become more dense. We might even put weight on in this area, stiffen our muscles, get injured in this area. Because the vibration of our soul most naturally expresses itself as sound.

Especially blocks around the throat chakra happen. When we hold our jaw tightly, when we tense our shoulders our neck and head get out of alignment. Our self-expression no longer flows easily, but is halted and uncertain and we no longer trust ourselves to be spontaneous. Creativity, expression and trust are all interrelated with the Fifth Chakra.

The Throat Chakra doesn’t just have to be verbal expression, but it’s allowing that vibration, that subtlety, to move through. So much of the population is disconnected with what they feel, what their soul would love to do in this lifetime or what feels most purposeful and how they can express that in their lifetime and still make the bills happen, make family happen, make all the other demands from the outside happen.

If the Throat Chakra is unbalanced or blocked it might also look like frustration at not being heard, inadequate communication or it might look like withdrawal from emotions into mental states. Like I said before, it can be total withdrawal and turning inward. It can also be explosion and speaking too bluntly at inappropriate moments. It also might be this view of life where truth is always distorted, where you need to be more cunning or more deceitful to move anywhere in life. But when it’s balanced it’s voicing the truth through compassion of the heart. It is recognizing that there’s more than just yourself involved in the truth and how to speak it clearly and truthfully considering both parties. When it’s balanced and un-blocked people want to listen, people want to hear what you have to say; you are heard. It also manifest as being able to hear what’s not said, hearing beyond the content of the words. It is a deeper listening within you. Some people might classify that as being a psychic or intuitive but everybody has psychic and intuitive capacities.

The limbic brain on some level often can feel attacked throughout the day, even if it is not an attack at all. Just how someone says something or looks at you and there is a little tightening shrug. You do that enough and the neck gets tight.

So notice what happens when you say “I forgive you for everything you have ever done. I forgive you for everything you have ever done.” “I forgive me for everything I have ever done. I forgive me for everything I have ever done.” Then it was something like “I allow God, I allow God, the force of the Divine, to move through me and heal what is no longer needed. Whatever I can’t heal myself, whatever I can’t find healing for, allow that to move through me and release me.”  It’s not about you, it’s not about me, it’s time to let this go.

When it functions very well the Heart Chakra is like a good immune system that knows when something is foreign and needs to be examined or when something is part of you and can be immediately integrated. You know how to let someone into each of your relationships appropriately. Knowing proper boundaries for varying levels of relation, and the heart chakra has tremendous strength associated with it.  It means that it brings with it the capacity to contextualize anything you say. This is a comment of the true heart, to speak truth fully but kindly is the signature of the balanced Heart Chakra.

Also the Fifth Chakra, because it has to do with expression and speaking, is also apart that New Age thought “be careful what you put out energetically, what you say, because it becomes the truth of your existence.” In the Indian traditions it is called the Vaksiddhi, which is the power of the word. So it also means what you say you’ll commit to – commit to and be careful what you say because you’re committing to it at some level, even if unconsciously it’s a fear. If your only communicating from your Fifth Chakra and not your heart, through the heart to the 5th, it can sometimes be very blunt. If the 5th chakra is imbalanced, it’s an extreme of never being able to stop talking or never speak at all.

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