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The pain is the teacher… The awareness is the medicine.

Our physical bodies impact our well-being and are also indicators of our overall health. We all live in bodies with histories, and when we run on autopilot for too long, we see the damaging effects it has on our relationships, health, and careers.

The good news is, we can choose to turn off autopilot, take control, and return vitality, clarity, and purpose to our relationships and life.

After traumatic life events, whether singular or ongoing, physical tension may remain in the body affecting us unconsciously. Somatic yoga therapy can help you become aware of the tension in the present moment, transform and reframe the tension, and ultimately release it.

These techniques that are the foundation of the Power Within Healing bring freedom and more engagement with life on all levels. If you are here to move past your energetic blocks in order to heal yourself, to be in service to others, and be a part of the collective awakening, then you are in the right place.

About Nicole

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Nicole Smith Levay is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer (E-RYT, YACEP, 700hr+), somatic therapist for women healing from trauma, workshop facilitator at esteemed venues like Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and lifelong improvisational dancer. She holds a MA Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. Using her training and experience, she guides Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops, YogaWorks hatha yoga inspired classes, transcendental movement experiences, and Breathwork Circles. Her specialization is in learned emotional regulation, trauma informed care, pain recovery, astrological themes, and embodied spiritual connection. She imparts dedication and reverence to yogic philosophy and historical lineages.

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