The Power Within Healing

Our work is a collaborative process, but it’s about YOU and what’s yearning to be awakened within YOU.

Somatic Yoga Therapy is a healing art that integrates the externally manifested challenges between the body and mind. Traumatic life events can cause tension to remain in the body, whether it be completely physical as in chronic pain, or in habitual patterns of behavior, relationship, or speech – even though we might think we have ‘gotten past it.’

Through our work with somatic yoga therapy, we become more in touch with what tension represents in our body and work toward not only ultimately releasing it, but finding greater freedom and ease in our awareness of self and choices in life.

Each client has individual gifts and wisdom that come alive when we trust in the creative therapeutic process. The work I do one-on-one with people feels deeply gratifying, purposeful, and aligned. Moving through both of us is a force that transcends the mind, will, and ego of the two individuals in the room.

My clients have described me as a “soul cartographer,” a grounding and empathic presence who helps them understand the connection between their present moment experiences and emotions, and a therapist, coach, and healer with an open, calming, and trustworthy manner.

It can be important to challenge and nudge clients toward their edge. I find I can do so directly with lightness and grace and, when appropriate, it’s very natural for humor to enter the space.

About Me

My interest in “energy” started early – I was reading books about ancient yogic philosophy and Native American wisdom when I was a preteen and wanted to learn all I could about the energy moving in and around the body.

In a dualistic alternate universe, my upbringing drove me toward a very westernized sense of success that had me very unaware of my own energy and in a great deal of struggle and pain: a focus on grades, achievement in athletics, strenuous professional training in the performing arts. While not all of this was in vain and eventually brought a level of sophistication to my understanding of energy medicine, there were many years of misunderstanding how and where I fit in as I was ungrounded, in pain, and stressed all the time – unaware of myself, relationship to others, and the world around me.

In my teens, I found yoga and was introduced to somatic therapy in my twenties. When I was suffering deeply, I recognized and found there were body-centered ways of being and healing that not only provided relief, but also changed my life. I recognized this was what I wanted to bring to the world.

I have led workshops on the healing effects of somatic integration throughout the United States and internationally since 2009. I combine my experience as a certified life coach and practitioner of somatic therapy with my embodied wisdom as a certified meditative yoga teacher and lifelong improvisational movement artist.

With a focus on somatic psychology, I earned an M.A. in psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I hold a B.F.A. in dance teaching and performance, a 220-hour certificate from the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, and a 200-hour certificate from YogaWorks, and have accrued 150 hours of Kundalini Yoga Therapy training.

In 2013, I founded The Power Within Healing, offering coaching in vision-based living supported by yoga, embodiment, and meditation. I have led or co-taught several retreats at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and most recently created both a brick and mortar and online yoga and wellness hub called Portal 18.

I was born and raised in New Jersey, where all the best people are from ;).