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About Nicole

A moment that shook the very core of my existence led to a profound discovery in 2013: an undiagnosed leg-length discrepancy that ended my career as a professional dancer and touring artist. The identity I had worked so hard to build and once knew so well suddenly crumbled, leaving me to cope with an overwhelming shift.

Mourning the loss of my former life, I turned inward to find solace. Amidst the struggle, I discovered joy in my healthy lungs, a powerful mind, and an empathetic heart. These became my pillars of strength as I immersed myself in somatic therapy, therapeutic yoga, meditation, and energy healing modalities—reclaiming the essence of connection and resilience that dance once provided.

While my journey is unique, perhaps it resonates with you, especially if you’re navigating loss or change. This resonance inspired me to step into the world of coaching. As a coach, I focus on empowering high-achieving men and women to reclaim their energy and reinvent themselves from the inside out. In a culture obsessed with superficial fixes, I stand for true transformation through a deep commitment to inner work.

My path over the past decade has included training as a Kundalini yoga, meditation, and breathwork facilitator. I hold a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychology with a trauma-sensitive focus, alongside a life coaching certification.

Although I’ve reintegrated dance into my life with the help of orthotics, my primary focus has shifted towards being a mentor for mentors and a guide for fellow coaches. I am committed to supporting empathetic wellness professionals in overcoming burnout and aligning with their calling.

Our mission at Power Within Healing comes to life through our diverse offerings. From virtual retreats and a 16-week immersive program to local and virtual events that span the globe, each offering is a haven for transformation. 

If you’re ready to shift old energy and embrace peace, join one of our connection-filled experiences. Together, let’s embark on a journey of healing, transformation, and empowerment.

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I needed this so badly. I have felt a lot of heaviness for weeks and needed a change in environment in order to find my joy again. The transformation was so powerful. I received needed messages and great joy. Nicole is such a great retreat leader! Super intuitive, flexible, kind and so talented, each retreat has been better than the one before. Can’t say enough about the location and the food! Each time we come together with old and new friends I fall in love again. I’m still glowing.

Cindy B.

This was my third retreat with Nicole. During each I discovered more about myself and ways to deal with issues preventing me from living a full and joy-filled life. I had a profound awakening and realized I was continually in an old pattern that I needed to overcome and discard. Once discovered through the healing process evoked by our classes, sharing, movement and breath work, I became more able to overcome this negative cycle. Since then I have taken major steps forward without guilt but rather with joy! I have unending gratitude for Nicole and the entire group of participants who supported me lovingly as I began to emerge into a stronger and happier woman.

retreat attendee

Connect with Source Energy 2.0: Creativity Edition

The biggest takeaway is connection to self through learning HOW to surrender. Learning how to let go. A lot of my struggles with the anxiety and the compulsive behavior was very fear-based. Now I truly have had practices in place. And I thought I was living mindfully before and/but now— through just the actual practices… the breathwork, the movement, the meditations, paired with the increased self understanding. It’s this new sense of like, I can handle this! Like I really can! There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore. I can let go of control because this discomfort that comes up that’s inside of me sometimes- with the practices, I’m able to work it through and feel more refreshed and present, ready for anything.

Forward Momentum participant

What a wonderful, amazing experience. I have never been on a retreat and did not know what to expect. I felt 100 percent confident that Nicole would create a retreat that would leave me feeling like my best self. Not only did I feel that, but I am still feeling the effects of the weekend. Nicole made sure that when my daughter and I got there, we were comfortable and secure. Each day was planned perfectly with meditation, movement, breathing, sharing, journaling and hiking in nature. Bringing my daughter made us much closer. I have worked with Nicole learning and discovering Kundalini Yoga. During the pandemic, my husband and I continued with her online website that enabled us to always take a class when it was convenient for us. Thank you Nicole for a weekend I will never forget and will keep close to my heart.

Bethe B.

Earth Medicine Magic in Northern California

Please work with Nicole! You will be well on your way to a much more happy, satisfied you! Your soul will rest easier and your energy will be renewed for taking on whatever life throws at you! Since the course ended, I have an abundance of creative projects coming to me that I love. I’m also dating a man who is totally great! It feels so good to be living the dream. Thank you so much for all your help, check ins, and continued inspiration, Nicole!

Keeley W.

Nicole is such a beautiful soul, she made everyone feel welcome, comfortable and at ease and I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from her. The experience has launched me onto a new trajectory of embracing me as I am and exploring new ideas and belief systems. Thank You, Nicole!

Birgitte M.

Did I mention how incredibly fortunate and grateful I am to have Nicole Smith Levay as my somatic yoga therapist? Just back from one of my last of 10 sessions as a private client and feel so blessed. Today, we recalled my goals. We talked about the lessons learned. The conversation was sweet. Nicole is someone who is exceptional at her work. I couldn’t have picked a better companion on this journey. She is wise, loving and caring. She sees me. What a gift!

Dina L.

Nicole is the kind of teacher that guides you to see how strong and capable you are of. She is knowledgeable, loving, inspiring and has a steady calm presence that made this experience the perfect fusion of relaxing, fun, and full of new. I surprised myself at how much Kundalini yoga and meditation I was capable of doing, and I owe so much of that to the safe space Nicole created.

Ann D.

I was suffering from chronic pain, was unable to dance, and was extremely sad, angry, and frustrated. I didn’t know how to cope with the physical or emotional trauma I was experiencing and I felt incredibly alone and hopeless. It was in that dark place that I was introduced to Nicole and made the best decision of my life.

Kristen B.

It is a gift to receive the wisdom of your cosmology, somatics, and kundalini yoga expertise. So very grateful for your teaching and leadership especially as we embrace awakening, awareness, healing and transformation. It is an honor to join you in your sessions.

PWH Online member

Nicole is a true leader in the way she shows up real, vulnerable, and authentic. I am always honored to share space held by her and would recommend anyone ready to dig deeper into their souls work to invest in Nicole’s guidance. She is a shining star that is unlike any other I have worked with… I would recommend Awakening Bodies to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the Somatic Philosophy and Trauma Informed work. This course is a must, not only for the work you do with others but the work you do with yourself!

mentorship participant

This course was the perfect marriage between my experience as an energy worker and a yoga teacher… the physical and the spiritual. I learned specific tools that allowed me to dive deeper into my own healing which I feel allows me to offer these tools in an authentic, embodied way. I also came away with an INCREDIBLE community.

course participant

From the course, I’m learning how to better embrace my intuitive gifts and my sensitivity. Also to discern what is mine vs what is other people’s energy/thoughts that I’m picking up on. All the grounding techniques were really transformational. It brought me back to being and embracing the healer that I am. Prior to the course I was guarded and depleted. I’m starting to feel the passion again in helping people through some transitions in health and end of life. I’m also starting to feel that it’s ok to open up about my gifts and have them be well received.

course participant

A grounded, empathetic presence, Nicole addresses mental health concerns in a holistic, embodied way. With her support I was able to understand how the relationship between my emotions and bodily sensations shaped my reactions to everyday challenges and opportunities. Nicole composed different meditations and exercises to support me through my journey, which included regaining my confidence, tapping into my sense of creativity, quitting smoking, and clearing my aura of different energetic intrusions.

private client

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