an online/virtual learning course

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for you if you are a certified yoga teacher, a mental health practitioner, a massage therapist or bodyworker, a doula, a movement/somatic educator, a wellness professional looking to grow their business with somatic expertise, or anyone who works with clients experiencing chronic stress, illness, injury, or physical pain.

Why take this course now?

All people, especially healers, can benefit from both somatics and trauma sensitivity training right now more than ever. More people are experiencing and becoming aware of their trauma. Beyond that we are currently in a collective trauma that if and when it ends — the effects on society’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is going to far exceed what our medical and healing arts practitioners can currently handle. These practitioners need more support too. We all need to uplevel our quality of care.

This course has been designed within the context of the current moment, in consideration of the huge shifts due to COVID-19, the voice of the BLM movement, and so much more. You will be able to apply this education as a healer amidst collective trauma.

What will you get out of this course?

  • Learn how and why somatics can be used in this overwhelming time.
  • Add somatic awareness and coping skills to your toolbox whether you are already a practitioner or are aspiring to be a wellness provider.
  • Connect how the embodiment of trauma will influence your personal healing, as well as the clients you serve.
  • Learn how to live your message by recognizing your past embodied experiences and working with your own somatic patterning.
  • Develop more clarity around how to heal from a place of love, including setting energetic boundaries.
  • Join like-minded healers who will help support and hold you accountable to your goals and vision.

Course Dates: October 11 – November 22, 2020

Live Zoom sessions each Sunday at 2pm Eastern Time

Location: online

PRICE: $555*

*A limited number of payment plan and sliding scale options are available for those in need of financial assistance.

Course Framework

Course Schedule

Live Zoom calls will take place Sundays at 2pm Eastern.

Leading from Love


  • living and doing our work in a new paradigm; validating collective traumatization
  • trauma sensitivity training is not optional or an add-on, it’s love and truth and the only path forward


  • what is “somatics”; how trauma affects the nervous system
  • how can somatic practices help support you and your practice/business

Living Your Message


  • recognizing your past embodied and working with your own somatic patterning
  • chakra psychology and developmental signatures
  • daily personal practice: consistent sadhana and individualized to our samskaras


  • power dynamics & intersectionality: the somatics of social justice/allyship
  • what happens when you’re in over your head: ethics, scope of practice, and standards of care

Creating from Dharma Not Karma


  • boundary work: to help both you and everyone you serve (focusing on attachment theory/relational field)
  • Trauma to Dharma, owning your journey: the pain is the teacher, the awareness is the medicine, then comes the work of taking the medicine


  • honing your unique message: when your past, passion, and skills unite with what the world needs right now
  • designing your upleveled service-oriented manifesto and vision

portrait of Nicole Smith LevayHello loves, I am so excited to share this new course with you. I created this high-touch mentorship based on my years of experience working one on one with clients who were moving through adversity, my background in somatic therapy & meditation, and healing my own trauma.

Early on in my career, I felt burnt out and overwhelmed. To make matters worse, I had tremendous back pain. It was not until I started integrating somatics into my practice that I was able to connect my physical pain with trauma I had endured earlier on in life. Somatics helped me to release energetic blockages that were working against my growth, dreams, and goals in life.

Years later, I have developed my energy healing practice for clients rooted in somatic therapy. If we can identify the energetic knots that are causing us pain and do the work to release them, we have the opportunity to embody more of who we want to be aligned with our purpose and vision. The clients I work with report experiencing more freedom and more engagement with life on all levels. I am looking forward to sharing these teachings in order for you to deepen your own healing and those you serve through embodied practices.

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