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Body-Centered Coaching

Body-Centered Coaching is a component of Somatic Yoga Therapy. Somatic yoga therapy is a healing art that integrates externally manifested challenges between the body and mind. Traumatic life events can result in tension lingering in the body. Sometimes this tension is completely physical as in chronic pain. Other times there are habitual patterns of behavior, relationship, or speech.

Through Body-Centered Coaching, we work toward ultimately releasing that tension, as well as becoming more comfortable with our choices in life as we become more aware of Self.

What are your dream and vision? In body-centered coaching, we rise to the wisdom of intuition and are guided by the heart’s quiet whispers. Using this unique vision-based living philosophy, we get you clear on your life’s vision and purpose, do deep healing work around self-worth, increase your energy, and develop an embodied sense of knowingness and trust.

This method may be highly effective for you if:

  • You’ve found just talking about your problems hasn’t helped
  • Some yoga and meditation is therapeutic for you and you want to deepen your experience of it in a personal way
  • You are longing for a subtle push to up-level your energy and life
  • You’re having an awareness that there is more to life and are open to change

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