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Why Costa Rica, and Why Retreats?

Let’s Start With Why I Host Retreats As humans, we require rest and recovery. It’s vital to our basic human function. Just as vital as breathing and having a roof over our heads. But you know what isn’t always restful? Ironically, VACATION! Booking plane tickets, figuring out all your meals, packing suitcases full of a million things because you don't know what you'll really need… and then when you’re actually ON vacation? It's hit or miss! More times than not, you can come home exhausted, needing a vacation from your own vacation! But retreats are NOT just a vacation. Yes, they are a getaway, but they…

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When Women Gather

“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” - Sai Baba The feminine energy, when channeled, is a powerful network of revitalization and healing. The community, therefore, that we so often feel, when in the presence of a beloved sisterhood, is a natural acknowledgment of the divine, historically accessed through gatherings of women since the beginning of time. Gatherings answer a primal calling for a universal conversation, silent or spoken, and provide, as Sai Baba indicates, the greatest of healing powers. When womxn commune, by…

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Forest Bathing and Why The World Needs You To Prioritize Your Healing

You may have seen articles in The New York Times, National Geographic and NPR over the past few years that highlight the practice of forest bathing. This concept, initially popularized in Japan in the 1990s, and called Shinrin-yoko, has been the subject of research which affirms the physiological and psychological benefits of this ritual. Specifically, the findings communicate the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, systolic blood pressure reduction, boosted immunity and mood, as well as the reduction of stress.

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Creating A Morning Ritual

Winter has arrived. A time for contemplation, and reflection. Perhaps this is a good time to reassess your goals, and set intentions. So much has shifted for each and every one of us this year, and while I don't think any of us need to stress about "New Years Resolutions", I do think the dawning of a new year could inspire us to establish a morning ritual that soothes, uplifts, and restores. 2020 has been a traumatic year for so many - instead of adding to the external pressure we all already feel of, "What can I achieve?", how about…

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PWH’s Small Business Herstory

2010: After a decade of studying yoga while being a professional dancer, Nicole embarks on her first 200HR RYT Kundalini yoga teacher training at GoldenBridge Yoga in NYC. The messages “You’re here to help people” and “Power Within Healing” would often be heard in meditative states.

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Some Truths About “Things Falling Apart”

There I was, a thirty year old, after what felt like a lifetime of working hard, working intelligently, working creatively… didn’t matter… there I was… laid out and unable to move… on my boyfriend’s couch — for WEEKS. He and my mother were taking turns helping me get to the bathroom! It was embarrassing. It felt like I was dying. People around me were very concerned. And it was true, parts of me WERE dying.

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Hacienda de Guru Ram Das

There Are No Living Gurus — You Are Your Own Best Teacher

About two weeks ago I first heard of the abuse allegations made against Yogi Bhajan in a recently published book, and while I was saddened, I was not shaken. It has taken me time to formulate my own feelings and thoughts separately from the masses. I noticed I was waiting for my personal teachers to speak, and realized I am somehow missing the point and needed to voice my own opinion.

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What I believe about codependent and toxic relationships

Over time I found relationships weren't as effortful, and therefore I also didn’t have the need to "vent" or talk endlessly about the details of the toxic goings-on in love and career… suddenly, they all just started to shift for the better. Only when I took control of my own energy and started a daily yoga and meditation practice. Why? Well because I was part of the cycles of toxicity. If I didn’t take responsibility for my own energy in these relationship dynamics, nothing would change. When my boyfriend finally said, “We can’t keep doing this,” ending a several year cycle…

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