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Creating A Morning Ritual

Winter has arrived. A time for contemplation, and reflection. Perhaps this is a good time to reassess your goals, and set intentions.

So much has shifted for each and every one of us this year, and while I don’t think any of us need to stress about “New Years Resolutions”, I do think the dawning of a new year could inspire us to establish a morning ritual that soothes, uplifts, and restores. 2020 has been a traumatic year for so many – instead of adding to the external pressure we all already feel of, “What can I achieve?”, how about starting with the question of, “What nourishes me?”

Establishing a ritual allows us to build habits in a way that is compassionate, and holistic. What circumstances allow you to show up each day as your truest, most authentic self? What simple small ritual could you establish to help you nurture that environment daily?

You may just notice that when you take a few extra moments each day to care for yourself, your goals feel a little more achievable, and taking action feels a little less daunting.

Join me in committing to yourself for a 40 Day Morning Ritual Challenge. (PWH Online Members will receive accountability and support through our FB community, but anyone is welcome to begin with us.)

5 Steps To Creating A 40 Day Morning Ritual

1. Clarify the best time of day for you. If you’re an early riser, this might mean scheduling your ritual first thing in the morning before the rest of the house awakens. If mornings are hectic in your household you might consider scheduling time during your daily lunch break. Do you often notice yourself getting a second wind before dinner? Try an evening ritual at the end of the day. Ask for support from those around you to commit to this for 40 days. Whatever fits best for you, choose that time of day and try to stick to it.

2. Choose what length of practice you can commit to. Be realistic and honest with yourself here. My own biggest pitfall in establishing a daily yoga and meditation practice eleven years ago, was attempting to commit to a two and a half hour practice each morning after having a very inconsistent ten minute meditation practice! Eventually I had to come to terms with what was actually doable for me. Keep it reasonable and realistic, whether that is 30 min, 45 min, or an hour. I would also encourage you to choose ahead of time what your bare minimum is for days when you are rushed and you have to cut back. This could mean promising yourself that even on the busy days you will choose set aside just 15 min for yourself and your ritual.

3. Set your energetic priorities and needs for the next 40 days. Ask yourself, for just the next 40 days, what is it that would balance my personal eco system? What is lacking, or what can I bring to my daily life to balance my energies? This will be unique to you, and could be journaling, meditation, movement, grounding, reading, breathwork, gratitude…the list goes on.

4. Set yourself up for success. Once you’ve chosen a morning ritual, setting yourself up for success could simply mean going to bed at the right time! I would encourage you to have things set up before hand so you can jump right into your practice each day. It is helpful to chose a specific place in your house, and set up a space that suits your ritual. An accountability partner can also be really helpful in setting yourself up for success (remember PWH Online members, we will be checking in in our FB group!). Is there someone in your life on a similar journey as you? Feel free to forward them this email, and ask if you could hold each other accountable with daily or weekly check ins about your chosen rituals.

5. Practice acceptance and forgiveness, to keep up spirit! Know that there is no such thing as perfection! One of the greatest things an assistant trainer said to me in my first teacher training in 2010 was “the practice is there to serve you, you don’t serve the practice”. Meaning letting go of guilt or shame if you fall off the wagon for a day or two. If you fall off, you can restart the count of 40 days and pick your ritual back up from the beginning! Know that most people do miss a day here and there, and that it’s not a reason to “quit” or berate yourself. Simply start again.

I truly hope that establishing a ritual brings you comfort as we move through the end of 2020, and into the year ahead! Happy Holidays from my home to yours.

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