Over-giving on autopilot?

Feeling a lack of connection to the things you do day in and day out?

Feeling as though you’ve exhausted all efforts to change your current reality?

Surface-level, mindset-heavy “healing” work simply will not get to the root of what it is you are struggling with.

You need to heal the inner connection to yourself.​

Eliminate the guilt, break-free from the looping-thoughts, letting go of the “perfect” expectations you’ve set for yourself, and no longer accept the state of burnout.

📅 Imagine six months from now that you are on an escalator toward the dreams you’ve only dared to acknowledge in whispers.

⏩ You’re taking action on things that actually move you forward.

⚒️ You have the energetic and spiritual tools in place to carry you through the inevitable ups and downs of this journey.

⚡️ You’ve got a new lease on life and are starting your next chapter with energy, clarity, confidence, and grace.

Meet Your Coach

Nicole Smith Levay, named “Woman To Watch” by She Heals The World, is a transformational retreat leader and energy coach who integrates somatics, meditation, and breathwork to help high-achieving women who face burnout. Through her signature program, “Forward Momentum,” Nicole empowers clients to shift from over-giving on autopilot to prioritizing themselves and their purpose work first, helping them reclaim their energy, revive their soulwork, and undergo a transformative reinvention from within. With a background as a former professional dancer and teaching artist, Nicole obtained an MA in Somatic Psychology from CIIS, as well as a Yoga Alliance E-RYT and CEU provider, with over 1,000 hours of certification. Putting this together with her love of travel, she has become a renowned retreat leader at esteemed healing centers in America and abroad, proudly holding 5-star ratings on WeTravel, Google, & Yelp after a decade of hosting.

✺ ✺ ✺

My Journey

“When I began my yoga teaching and coaching practice 10 years ago, I was in a state of unknown. I felt unsure of how to move forward in my life and in my business. I had quickly transitioned from being a successful professional artist that had worked a certain way for a long time, to being a disabled dancer who needed to pivot fast to making her wellness side hustle into a fulltime career. I realized that in order to move forward with my life with confidence, I needed to find ways of stepping out of the triggered state that I was in on the daily as a business owner suddenly feeling like a beginner all around.

“I began to work internally and nurture that true connection with my soul as I built my business. I did this through somatics, breathwork, and kundalini practices.

“Now, through my 10 year career, I’ve not only created a business that supports my family and allows me to travel the world, but I’ve been able to help thousands of men and women find that same inner connection and lead their lives both personally and professionally feeling more connected to what they doing, more confident in where they are headed and overall move through life with more energy, clarity, confidence, and grace.” 

–Nicole Smith Levay

I joined Forward Momentum to initiate the process of true self-transformation. Through this experience l’ve become more confident in my ability to create a life that l’ve been longing to live. I’ve noticed, to my amazement, that manifestation is real!! I feel more and more that I can become unstuck and create the life I deserve without negative self talk getting in the way. With the support of Nicole and our Forward Momentum community of women I feel more powerful and committed to realizing my vision for myself. I’d tell my best friend that Nicole is a super knowledgeable, excellent coach! She seems to connect to all people with a pure heart. You really feel she’s rooting for you 100%!

Forward Momentum participant

Before the program, I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed, disconnected from my heart’s desire/passion, and needing a way to calm my nervous system. I was still vacillating between committing to my dream and not committing to it.  I have learned that I went into burnout because I was not in alignment with my soul. I’m starting to listen to my soul’s calling once again and take steps towards it. My biggest takeaway, is the understanding of what a dysregulated nervous system means and how breathing can be a huge part of healing.  I have built breathing and meditation into my morning routine. The coaching calls, the breathing sessions, and the astrology forecasts were all so key. The coaching calls helped with accountability, and the astrology forecasts helped me realize that I can be a Christian that also follows astrology and the mystical without guilt. It isn’t one or the other.

Forward Momentum participant

The Six-Month Program Includes:

1:1 Somatic Coaching through Voxer

Valued at $3,749

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Valued at $2,999

Bi-Weekly Soulpreneur Biz Coaching Sessions

Valued at $2,999

A library of pre-recorded somatic teachings themed to each of the four parts of the program

Valued at $599

Monthly Healing Breathwork Circles in alignment with moon and astrological weather

Valued at $379

Monthly “Astroweather” lecture and group discussion

Valued at $299

Two New Yoga & Meditation Classes each Month

Valued at $149

TWELVE deep kundalini pranayamas and meditations for at home practice

Valued at $149

Forward Momentum Manual & Workbook

Valued at $149

Through Forward Momentum you will find a new level of confidence within yourself, allowing you to release the emotional baggage and feel more relaxed and regulated. You will gain the power to take action and set firm energetic boundaries. And, overall develop a clear connection with your soul with a new deepened awareness of spirit; becoming your own “intuitive reader”.


You can’t stop the forward momentum once it’s begun.

Specifically You'll Walk Away...


More confident shining your gifts and light in the world, and doing more of the work you’re meant to do. Igniting professional growth in a digestible way so you can move on without becoming overwhelmed.


Having released the emotional baggage and mental blocks weighing you down, and strengthened your internal resources and capacity to call in and actualize the next era of your life.


With regulated and relaxed nervous and glandular systems that are foundational to experiencing more joy, ease, and presence for the big work you’re meant to do.


Learning to take action from a place of feeling deeply settled in yourself and putting your needs/desires first, not everyone else’s at your expense.


With clear energetic boundaries and increased self-awareness that will change patterns within both yourself and in your relationships. You’ll start calling in more aligned and uplifting opportunities (and people!).


Remembering how to more clearly connect with your soul, and get out of triggered states (through a deeper understanding of past embodied experiences and old somatic patterning from prior trauma).


Having developed a personalized at-home breathwork and meditation program that will nurture your intuitive capabilities and embrace your sensitivity (vs. shaming it).


With a deepened awareness of spirit in your body. Feeling more comfortable in your skin and connected to your sensuality.


Having become your own “intuitive reader,” your own body worker, and your own therapist. You’ll notice less pain or focus on it, and more relief.


Having taken the first step to be certified in this process.


The biggest takeaway is connection to self through learning HOW to surrender. Learning how to let go. A lot of my struggles with the anxiety, and the compulsive behavior was very fear-based. Now I truly have had practices in place. And I thought I was living mindfully before and/but now— through just the actual practices… the breathwork, the movement, the meditations, paired with the increased self understanding. It’s this new sense of like, I can handle this! Like I really can! There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore. I can let go of control because this discomfort that comes up that’s inside of me sometimes- with the practices, I’m able to work it through and feel more refreshed and present, ready for anything.

Alicia, licensed mental health therapist & yoga teacher

“When I started the program I was still very much stuck and hadn’t yet initiated a conversation that I had been avoiding for several years. I really needed to have this conversation in order for me to move ahead and in the course of program I finally addressed this situation and I don’t think I could have done it in the way I did without this program. My biggest take away to apply to growth in health is that breathwork is essential for moving through stuff! In relationships – it’s really helped me not to be reactive. I struggle with time management but this program has helped me to prioritize – even by just making sure to be in the calls I’ve started to notice what is non-negotiable as far as what comes first.”

Kate G., professional artist & teacher

“Working with Nicole is like a super supportive and mindful “choose your own adventure” journey.  She has been there to help me move through the challenges that come up but also doesn’t push; she is present and helpful when I need her but she empowers me to recognize the guide I have within myself.  She is my biggest cheerleader and has created such a safe and loving space for me to be vulnerable and truly learn to trust the power that this journey has for me. Nicole is gifted in seeing everyone’s individual strengths and she really plays on those to formulate the group process.  I truly value the 1:1 coaching with Nicole as it is time to work through specifics of whatever is bubbling up in the moment, and then having the group connection gives the works another layer.  It is a very well-balanced program and I highly recommend it to anyone considering a coaching program.”

Nicole R., child therapist, yoga teacher, & mama of 2

“Before the program, I was feeling really stuck and like stagnant. I  felt like I didn’t have community. I felt like I didn’t have a direction. I was just very “task rabbity,” but just like going through the motions. I now have less baseline anxiety. I’m just more grounded and less anxious every moment, you know, like I feel like myself again (after postpartum/early motherhood), which is so nice.”

Shannon, nurse practitioner & mama of 3

“The beginning of the year I had decided that this 2023 is the year I’m gonna fix everything and get really clear on what I wanted in my life going forward, and relationship wise. And also in my yoga teaching.  Now after the program, I just feel more balanced, centered, grounded. I stay with the discomfort. You learn that on the yoga mat, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense in real life. And the relationships I have, I have changed the way I approach them now. The resentment just kind of fell away, and I did not expect that.”

Cindy, project manager and yoga teacher

I feel like this work is helpful to better yourself.  The work helps you feel grounded, puts your priorities in order, and gives you self confidence. When I started the program I felt a little down and not motivated.  I feel like my goals for my dreams are real now.  It has helped put myself first. I like the accountability buddies, feedback in groups, and Voxer support.  The videos and workbook are also great.  So much is offered. It has helped bring the dream to real-life. Thank you so much for this incredible spiritual journey.”

Mary Jane, customer services professional & entrepreneur

“If you are looking for a program that only focuses on goal setting and “head” work, this is not the program for you. However, if you are looking for mind, body, and heart connection and going deeper into healing old patterns in your body so you can take purposeful and aligned action in the future, then this is absolutely the right program for you. Nicole is a great balance of holding space for you while also helping you stay accountable to what you are looking to accomplish in the program. This program is different from anything I’ve ever done, and I highly recommend it! There isn’t another program that I have experienced like this. I know that if I’m ever going to move towards the life I desire and deserve, I can no longer simply muscle through with my head and will. I need my body, spirit and emotions to come with me on the journey.”

Jen P, corporate exec, podcast host, & part-time entrepreneur

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