Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teachings Summer Immersion

4 Sessions: June 22, June 29, June 30, July 14
at 911 Main Street, Belmar, NJ

20-hour Certificate Program
YACEP Accredited

You love yoga. You practice as much as you are able. You know there is a connection between your mind and body, but nothing has consistently shifted your energy for the better like the few times you tried Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, deep breathwork, and mantra practices. Because it’s really hard to find these classes on ongoing regular basis, you consider doing a large 200hr+ type training yourself, so maybe one day you’ll teach it? But you’re not sure you actually want to teach it.

Right now this feels like something you want to do for yourself…

The gap between “here” and “there” seems large, and you’d like to “practice what you preach” before you get out there and start advertising your offerings in an already saturated wellness market! You know to offer something deeply healing takes embodied understanding, and self-mastery first.

Hi, I’m Nicole, friends in the Kundalini community call me Dharambir. This story was my story 10 or more years ago. I had practiced Hatha yoga & mindfulness regularly up until that point, and when I first tried Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, breathwork, and mantra practices, I knew I needed more of it. I knew I wanted to be the person I was after classes- aware, energized, calm, and… just out of the muck of my usual issues. I knew I could be her.

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After teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, breathwork, and mantra practices for the past decade, I’ve been asked a lot by students who come to my group classes in Monmouth and Ocean County NJ, “What can I do next with this practice?”.

Private sessions and mentoring are not accessible for everyone, and as we know, 200hr trainings aren’t either- they can be big time/life commitments, may be over two hours away from here, and require time-off work and time away from family.

It dawned on me to fill this gap with a 20-hour immersion course that could set YOU  (a NJ resident or even anyone anywhere who resonates with this sentiment and can attend online) up for success on whatever your next steps are on this path of awareness and self-mastery… and keep it affordable and accessible.

In addition, I can offer this as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education course, so if you are already teaching in another yoga style or modality, consider this a present to yourself to boost your CEUs for the next three years*!

*LIVE participants only for CEUs (online options for personal use or non-contact hours only)

What this immersion can do for you and your practice:

    1. Increase your self-awareness so you can change patterns
    2. Regulate your nervous and glandular systems for better health
    3. Teach you both the scientific and esoteric foundations of these practices
    4. Develop a personalized at home breathwork and meditation program
    5. Deepen your embodiment of other limbs of yoga beyond asana
    6. Ignite personal change in a digestible and unique way

Your host

Nicole Smith LevayI’m Nicole Smith Levay. My greatest gift is to share the transformative power of embodiment and connection to soul. I hold an MA in psychology with a focus in somatics and have been told I am a “generous and compassionate teacher with a grounded and empathic presence.”

I’ve been blessed to receive over 700 hours of training in both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga in NYC, NM, and LA, and have been dedicated to teaching yoga and somatics since 2009. I am registered through Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT and YACEP, and love to offer workshops, courses, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings- including with reputable schools like Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Yoga to the People, & Breath For Change.

My spiritual name, Dharambir, means Lioness of God who walks fearlessly and righteously on the path of dharma. This is no small job, and I continue to “do the work” personally, so that I may continue to also be of service.

I’m a teacher, an artist, a wife, a daughter, a friend to many, and soon a mama (I am pregnant and due in October!). But my most prized identity, is my connection to my soul via these tools I want to share with you.

How is the immersion structured?

Two Saturday (1-6pm) & Two Sunday (12-5pm) afternoons this Summer, down the Jersey Shore, just blocks from the beach in Belmar, NJ.

Schedule in some summer time fun before or after sessions, and make it a staycation event!

What’s included with enrollment

  • Daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class
  • Video recordings of all sessions**
  • Small class size and individualized attention
  • Adult learning style “lectures” and peer study groups
  • Recommended reading list & personalized journal pamphlet
  • Tools for breath and meditation practices for you at home as well as tips for friends/family
  • YACEP 20 Contact Hours of Continuing Education Credits

** you may miss up to 5 hours as a LIVE participant and still receive credits


  • Sat. June 22, 1-6 pm
  • Sat. June 29, 1-6pm
  • Sun. June 30, 12-5pm
  • Sun. July 14, 12-5pm


$349 Early Bird
Only a few spots remain at this price!

$400 Regular Price – after May 23

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your participation, please communicate to us via email as soon as possible.


  • more than 2 weeks before the start of the immersion: 100% refund.
  • 2 weeks or less before the start of the immersion: 75% refund.
  • 72 hours or less before the start of the immersion: no refund.