Yoga Retreat in New Mexico

March 26 — April 1, 2019
Connect with Source Energy
at Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center


A trip that will revolutionize your experience of purpose, hope, faith, and interconnection. This retreat includes three daily opportunities to revitalize and clarify with Nicole Smith Levay, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher and somatic therapist. Just over an hour north of Santa Fe, this retreat includes adobe lodging at the gorgeous and mystical homestead of creative artist Georgia O’Keeffe, three meals a day of plant-based cuisine by an in-house personal chef and holistic health coach, and field trips to both Ojo Caliente Mineral Hot Springs and Yogi Bhajan’s ashram “Hacienda de Guru Ram Das.”

**Do you feel disconnected or stuck in your healing process? You’ll have themed classes specifically relating to the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga and its somatic effects on our day-to-day intuitions, choices, and relations.

**Are you a caring soul who feels burned out and uninspired? Take time to replenish and renew! By the retreat’s end, you’ll have an embodiment of the “shakti,” or creative force, that drove the feminist and unique soul, Georgia O’Keeffe, to make the neighboring adobe her home and art studio for over 50 years, including many of her most famous works.

**Why now, why this trip? Living out in the most majestic of terrains in all of North America, you will be both humbled and awe-struck by the natural beauty of the rainbow mountains of “Ghost Ranch.” There is nothing like practicing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in New Mexico.

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The Value of Self Connection and Healing

The value of this retreat is in the space you will create for self connection and healing. You’ll have moments to roam untethered, and opportunities to be in a like-minded tribe of folks walking their individual path in spiritual community. Discover and dissolve your blocks to flowing with source energy in your most meaningful life.

Read the words of artist Georgia O’Keeffe, who totally lived what it means to follow your intuition and trust your connection to source energy, the Generating Operating and Designing/Delivering force of the universe. “Someone else’s vision will never be as good as your own vision of your self. Live and die with it because in the end it’s all you have. Lose it and you lose yourself and everything else… Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing–and keeping the unknown always beyond you… I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”

Lodging: Casa del Sol

Located two miles from main Ghost Ranch main campus, Casa del Sol is a retreat space at Ghost Ranch dedicated to deeper spiritual contemplation. Casa del Sol is a single story adobe home built in the mid-1930s with bedrooms that open up to a shared plaza. Meetings are held in the living room which is anchored by a large picture window overlooking the mountain range Cerro Pedernal. The home’s rooms (“Enchantment” and “Serenity”) and adjacent three hermitages (“Traquility”), are set at the base of the multi-colored 700-foot tall cliff wall with a chimney feature standing guard. A heart shaped labyrinth is off to the side, bordered by prayer ties and flags fastened to sagebrush.

The retreat house provides a peacefully quiet space amidst a spectacular desert panorama.
* All retreat rates are per person, not per room.
* If you’re looking to book as a couple and wish to share a bed, email before you register and we’ll help you.

Plan Your Trip


  • To take advantage of the included airport shuttle to Ghost Ranch you must arrive at Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) by 2pm on March 26, 2019.
  • The shuttle for departing flights will arrive at ABQ at 12:30pm.
  • The shuttle will pass through Santa Fe and we’re willing to make pick ups (~3pm on March 26) and drop offs (~11:30am on April 1) at Santa Fe Regional Airport (SAF).
  • Additional shuttle details to come.


  • Check in is after 5pm on March 26, 2019
  • Check out is 10am on April 1, 2019


There is no booking fee when paying from your bank account through WeTravel. If you choose to pay with a credit card you will be charged an additional 2.9% fee (3.9% for American Express).


  • Comfortable, layered clothing appropriate for yoga, meditation, movement for warm sunny days and potentially cooler/cold nights
  • Ceremonial outfits and accessories (aka a fancy soul expression outfit or two)
  • Closed toed shoes suitable for the great outdoors
  • Personal toiletries
  • Additional bedding (there are sheets and one set of towels, the comforters are basic and simple so if you require more comfort, bring your own linens, towels, and blanket)
  • Yoga mat or sheepskin + meditation cushion (if you don’t have these, let me know)
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight for the early mornings pre sunrise
  • Essential oils for bug protection
  • Sun screen
  • Notebook + pen
  • Phone charger cable + portable charger pack

Sample Daily Schedule

* Pre-sunrise Yoga & Sadhana
* Breakfast
* Free time (enjoy hiking, horseback riding, etc.)
* Lunch
* Afternoon Yoga
* More free time (enjoy tours, additional services, etc.)
* Dinner
* Evening Yoga & Meditation

What’s Included

✅ Daily Yoga & Meditation
✅ Lodging
✅ Private Chef
✅ Organic Veg Cuisine
✅ Daily Sadhana
✅ Mineral Springs Day Trip
✅ Ashram Day Trip
✅ Airport Shuttle

What’s Not Included

❌ Airfare
❌ Tours at Ghost Ranch
❌ Horseback Riding
❌ Massages at Springs
❌ Additional Expenses


Your Organizer

Nicole Smith LevayNicole Smith Levay

I have led workshops on the healing effects of somatic integration throughout the United States and internationally since 2009. I combine my experience as a certified life coach and practitioner of somatic therapy with my embodied wisdom as a certified meditative yoga teacher and lifelong improvisational movement artist. I hold an M.A. in psychology, with a focus on somatic psychology, from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a B.F.A. in dance teaching and performance, a 220-hour certificate from the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, and a 200-hour certificate from YogaWorks, and have accrued 200 hours of Kundalini Yoga Therapy training. In 2013, I founded The Power Within Healing, offering coaching in vision-based living supported by yoga, embodiment, and meditation. I have led or co-taught several retreats at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.

Cancellation Policy

* 8 weeks or more before the start of the trip: 100% refund, minus the deposit.
* 4 to 8 weeks before the start of the trip: 50% refund, minus the deposit.
* 4 weeks or less before the start of the trip: no refund.

-You may cancel your trip at any time providing that the cancellation is made by the person who made the booking and is communicated to us via email.
-Cancellation will take effect the day it is received by us.
-Once the trip has commenced, no refund or partial refund or unused portion of your trip will be repaid in the event of cancellation by you.