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Rewrite Your Destiny in 2017 at Kripalu

Yoga, Movement, and Meditation for Self-Discovery

with Nicole Smith at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
January 1–6, 2017
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What do kundalini, vinyasa, movement, meditation, self-discovery practices, and group coaching have to do with one another? Two words: embodiment and intuition. In my weeklong retreat, Yoga, Movement, & Meditation for Self-Discovery, you’ll deepen your relationship with embodiment and intuition through a three-step process:

Your body as the map. Get to know your body’s inner landscapes. There are hidden paths to be discovered: from that pain in your neck, to the way you may not be able to feel some parts of yourself as much as others. We ease into this experience slowly through gentle yoga and movement experiences. By better understanding the maps of our bodies, we will gain appreciation of where we’ve come from and insight and clarity on where there is space to go next.

Your mind as the compass. Tap into your intuition and let it point the way. We will work with present-moment awareness and mindfulness to clarify your vision and purpose. Orienting yourself away from chronic negative thinking and towards your divine purpose will help you stay on course even after you leave the retreat.

Your spirit is the guide. A map and compass will help us from feeling lost, but a guide allows us to never feel alone. When things feel hard, I look to my background in the philosophy of yoga and point myself back to spirit. Surrendering to spirit is a lifelong embodied process, and “letting go” is not a simple one time event. It’s at the end of every breath; can you truly finish the next exhale? During every visioning process, I ask clients to repeat a short prayer of surrender to themselves: “To this or whatever is in my best and highest interest.” Even with the healthiest of intentions, we also need to remember to take a dose of humility and give God his/her/their proper credit. Sometimes, there’s nothing more to do than watch and be amazed by the gift of small miracles in everyday life.

As a healing artist with many influences, I’ve spent years studying and teaching several forms of body-based somatic practices. After my most recent Kripalu experience in May 2015 as a leader in the spring Yoga Fusion weekend, I felt clear that I’d create a unique weeklong program combining several of my own favorite practices for people needing to make a transition or change in their life. I didn’t know exactly what shape it would take and kept faith. In time it all came together, and could not have been more divinely planned.

I hope you’ll join me for this amazing week. It’s the point of the year when we’re ready for big changes and seeking inspiration for new possibilities. Rewrite your Destiny with a supportive group of like-minded individuals ready for a deep dive January 1-6 in the beautiful Berkshires at the one and only Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

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