How It Works

The body, mind, and soul will move toward healing and growth when given the right environment, the right amount of energy, interpersonal safety, and when conducted in a respectful and positive manner. Together, we co-create the right conditions to allow your self-healing to emerge. I believe that you are your own best guru. Each client has individual gifts and wisdom that come alive when we trust in the creative therapeutic process. I hold the container for this healing, intuit the practices that will allow you to clear energy blockages, and provide tools that will help you access energy flow for your highest potential.

What this might look for any two clients is completely different. An example of one person’s session might begin with talking, then a centering meditation, breathing exercises, some physical movement, voicework, and some grounding exercises to close.

You can learn more about my complete suite of services as they relate to the mind, body, and soul below. When signing up for a session, you can request a specific service such as astrology reading, breathwork, or meditation or I can create a personalized plan for you based on your intake questionnaire. I recommend clients work with me for a minimum of three sessions to experience the full benefits.


Guided imagery and visioning calls on your senses to better direct and focus your concerns, and to ultimately open your mind to paths and outcomes that are not accessible in your regular state of consciousness. This is a powerful tool to bring clarity to your life vision and purpose, do deep healing work around self-worth, increase your energy, and develop an embodied sense of knowingness and trust in the universe. You’ll rise to the wisdom of your intuition and be guided by the heart’s quiet whispers.

When mindfulness is used beyond awareness and relaxation, in concentrated and semi-structured exploration, it leads to insight and grounding. I help guide you through the terrain as you listen to your unique sense of self spontaneously in the here and now. This somatic awareness allows you to develop a clear sense of needs and how to develop resilient boundaries – your “yes” and “no.”

Nicole dancingBody

Hatha yoga postures, particularly chosen for your needs, are guided with a gentle trauma-sensitive approach. When yoga is practiced through a trauma-informed lens, it enables you to build resiliency and establish a wider range of self-regulation. This practice can allow you to feel safer in your body, stable, confident, and able to engage in healthy relationships.

In somatic therapy, self-regulation is one’s ability to notice and alter physiological manifestations. When we become more in touch with what tension represents in our body, we can work towards not only releasing discomfort, but also finding greater freedom in our awareness of self and ease in our life choices. Moment-to-moment awareness of what our nervous system and body are “saying” is the main difference between somatic therapy and “regular therapy.” You can learn to have fluid communication between mind and body, which is often effective in restoring self-regulation, building resiliency, and providing relief to symptoms.

close-up of tarot card and crystalsSoul

Together we will detoxify limiting energy and strengthen your soul, using the tools of Breathwork and Kundalini Yoga. You will experience ease in your body, a healed nervous system, a strengthened immune system, and more joy, lightness, and bliss. You’ll receive breathing and visualizations that will noticeably alter your presence, confidence, and clarity. Therapeutic breathing brings rejuvenation, integration, and a deeper connection with intuition

Intuitive astrology readings are the best compliment to the other modalities mentioned, and not only give personal insight but context to the collective energies as well. Using your date, time, and location of your birth, we’ll take the wisdom of your natal chart and apply it to not only your past and present, but where you may be headed. Astrology has a way of awakening our soul’s purpose while also soothing our past wounding.

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