Somatic Therapy

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic Therapy is a healing art that integrates the externally manifested challenges between the body and mind. Traumatic life events can cause tension to remain in the body, whether it be completely physical as in chronic pain, or in habitual patterns of behavior, relationship, or speech – even though we might think we have ‘gotten past it.’

Through our work with somatic therapy, we become more in touch with what tension represents in our body and work toward not only ultimately releasing it, but also finding greater freedom and ease in our awareness of self and choices in life.

Each client has individual gifts and wisdom that come alive when we trust in the creative therapeutic process. The work I do one-on-one with people feels deeply gratifying, purposeful, and aligned. Moving through both of us is a force that transcends the mind, will, and ego of the two individuals in the room.

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