Spring Into Success

March 9-10, 2024

Join our ‘Spring Into Success’ Virtual Holistic Business Retreat – a transformative experience designed exclusively for emerging wellness practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs.



Join Passionate Experts For 2 Days Of Soulful Growth

Forget traditional business coaching that focuses solely on logistics. Our retreat delves deep into the soulwork essential for making inspired, confident decisions. It’s not just about strategies; it’s about connecting with your highest vision, understanding your impulses, and implementing energetic boundaries.

Don’t you want to end feeling stuck in indecision and imposter syndrome? Are you ready to release the fear of what’s next?

You DO need logistics to make a business work – but first you need clarity, mindset, and energy work – with more than a hint of woo woo thrown in.

I’m talking about the inner soulwork to connect with your highest vision, understand your impulses, implement energetic boundaries, and establish a clear connection with yourself.

You can release yourself from triggered states and the constant hustle-grind-burnout cycles by aligning yourself with spirit and cosmic consciousness, buoying your heart on the next leg of your journey.

This 2-day virtual retreat will teach you how to envision bigger and achieve more.

You’ll be given the tools to lead your decisions and goals with more self-confidence and less self-doubt, and a hearty sprinkle of ✨ astro weather ✨ to guide your course!


Gain clarity on where to go next in your business and stop questioning your calling and abilities!

Pisces, Aries, & Taurus have your back this spring!

In this two-day retreat you will:

Quiet the mind and ground to prepare yourself for more optimistic vibrations.

Uncover repressed desires and callings from underneath your doubts.


Channel worry about others’ opinions, into knowing clarity about your next steps.

Connect to the confidence that will allow you to move forward even when it’s scary.

Realign your waking life to the visions of what you want to create with enthusiasm and good energy.


A message from your host, Nicole Smith Levay

When I began my yoga teaching and coaching practice 10 years ago, I was in a state of unknown. I felt unsure of how to move forward in my life and in my business. 

I had quickly transitioned from being a successful professional artist that had worked a certain way for a long time, to being a disabled dancer who needed to pivot fast to making her wellness side hustle into a fulltime career. I realized that in order to move forward with my life with confidence, I needed to find ways of stepping out of the triggered state that I was in on the daily as a business owner suddenly feeling like a beginner all around. 

I began to work internally and nurture that true connection with my soul as I built my business. I did this through somatics, breathwork, and kundalini practices. 

Now, through my 10 year career, I’ve not only created a business that supports my family and allows me to travel the world, but I’ve been able to help 1000s of men and women find that same inner connection and lead their lives both personally and professionally feeling more connected to what they doing, more confident in where they are headed and overall move through life with more energy, clarity, confidence, and grace.


All times below are Eastern, and note that we will shift from Eastern Standard Time to Eastern Daylight Time between our Saturday and Sunday sessions. For that reason, our first session on Sunday will be at 11am EDT, since that will still "feel" like 10am EST.

Pisces Lessons

Saturday, March 9

10:00am EST

Sensitivity Is Your Superpower: Kundalini & Intuitive Embodiment To Combat Burnout & Overwhelm
—Nicole Smith Levay

11:30am -12:30pm EST
Integration Break
12:30pm EST

Unlocking Success: Mastering the Universal Laws for Personal and Professional Growth
—Meredith Koloski*

*Meredith is graciously filling in for Dr. Angela

1:30pm - 3pm EST
Integration Break

Aries Lessons

Saturday, March 9

3pm - 4:30pm EST

Leading With A Courageous Heart: Rebirthing Breathwork & Visioning Journey To Effectively Launch
—Nicole Smith Levay

Sunday, March 10

11am EDT*

Organized Empowerment: Building & Leading Your Team with Simple Systems
—Lace Flowers

*Note the "later" start to honor the Daylight Saving Time shift

12pm - 1pm EDT
Integration Break

Taurus Lessons

Sunday, March 10

1pm EDT

Get Out Of Your Own Way: K.I.S.S. Life (Keep it Simple Silly) - Somatic Meditation & Mantra Techniques
—Nicole Smith Levay

2:30pm - 3:30pm EDT
Integration Break
3:30pm - 5pm EDT

Abundance by Nature: Simplified Strategies of Doing Less and Being More
—Danielle Rosado

When you finish this weekend, you will clearly know how and when to expand your business, with what supports and next steps, and feel confident in doing so.

Our Speakers

Nicole Smith Levay

Nicole Smith Levay, named a “Woman To Watch” by She Heals The World, is a transformational retreat leader and energy coach who integrates somatics, meditation, and breathwork to help high-achieving women who face burnout. A former professional dancer and teaching artist, Nicole holds an MA in Somatic Psychology and is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT and CEU provider with over 1,000 hours of certification. Combining this with her love of travel, she has become a renowned retreat leader at esteemed healing centers in America and abroad. In 2023, she co-authored an international best-selling book with her essay “Just Keep Moving,” a riveting memoir that teaches people how to more deeply connect with their bodies, and heal from trauma.

She is very grateful to this amazing and brilliant team of women for collaborating with her on this “Spring Into Success” virtual holistic business retreat!

Portrait of Dr. Angela Cudger

Dr. Angela Cudger

Dr. Angela Cudger, Metaphysician and Holistic Lifestyle Expert, is the Founder of Legacy Holistic Health Institute. With extensive medical education and a passion for holistic healing, she holds a Master of Metaphysical Sciences degree and is certified in Kemetic Yoga, Reiki, and Yoga Therapy for Trauma. A seasoned entrepreneur and recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, her 18-year career in critical care medicine combined with her holistic expertise positions her as a powerhouse in wellness and healing.


Portrait of Lace Flowers

Lace Flowers

Owner and Founder of Lace Flowers Business Systems & Automation and The VA Academy, Lace is a Business Marketing Tech Consultant specializing in tech support with course and funnel building for Plant Medicine and Energetics Practitioners. Certified expert in, and mentor to a thriving community of virtual assistants. Hailing from Latin America, Lace a proud independent mama and woman of color, dedicated to shifting narratives on racism while also sharing her passion for home cooking.



Portrait of Danielle Rosado

Danielle Rosado

Danielle Rosado is an Intuitive Business Astrologer who supports entrepreneurs to use their birth chart as a road map to grow & scale their business in their own unique way. She empowers her clients to use astrology as a self actualization & embodiment tool while helping them strategize their business offerings with best timing to launch their projects. She also loves to teach astrology in a down to earth, practical way so that you feel clear & confident with all life decisions on a daily basis.

Have Questions?

No worries, we have answers!

Yes, this is a live event. You will have access to recordings of all the content shortly after the event concludes. These recordings will be available for 72 hours, allowing you to catch up on any sessions you missed at your leisure.

Yes, there may be opportunities to interact with others attending the retreat in each workshop. This is a wonderful chance to connect with like-minded individuals and foster a sense of community. However, there’s no pressure to engage. We aim to empower each participant to select their level of interaction with others, ensuring you can derive the maximum benefit from your experience!

This is the beauty of a virtual retreat! You are still taking the time for yourself, without the travel. You can do it anywhere and once we help you set the environment we believe you will find a retreat space right in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you totally have the option to go travel anywhere you like and participate from there too! Identify the most comfortable space where you can relax and hear the voice of your intuition. This can be a corner in your bedroom or a separate room altogether. Make sure this space is free from any distractions. What we love about this virtual retreat option is you will also learn to “retreat” wherever you are to continue the practices way past this weekend!

Yes of course! You can use this link and be sure to include their email and not yours so they receive the registration confirmation and have access to the on-demand retreat content.

This retreat is designed for emerging wellness practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs who are struggling with burnout, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and stuck in indecision while establishing or growing their businesses/practices. Maybe you are in your first years of entrepreneurship, or perhaps you’ve had a business as a side hustle for a while, but are almost ready to make the dive into working for yourself fulltime. If you’re further along running a successful business, but still feel you are underearning, under supported, and needing to scale- this is for you too! You want a healthy mix of practical tangible tools and skills, and a healthy dose of the woo woo (let’s admit it: you like astrology a lot). No prior experience or milestones required, just an open heart and beginners mind in learning new tools and skills to support your personal and professional development!


Most retreats are jam packed with activities, and leave little to know time to process and sit still. This retreat allows you to select your space to retreat and decide to either do it alone or experience it alongside friends, all on your schedule. The schedule is designed to incorporate spirit-led guided reflection. This retreat offers community or solitude. You can choose to engage and interact with other participants or curate an environment with your community to interact and engage with throughout the retreat.


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