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What I believe about codependent and toxic relationships

Over time I found relationships weren't as effortful, and therefore I also didn’t have the need to "vent" or talk endlessly about the details of the toxic goings-on in love and career… suddenly, they all just started to shift for the better. Only when I took control of my own energy and started a daily yoga and meditation practice. Why? Well because I was part of the cycles of toxicity. If I didn’t take responsibility for my own energy in these relationship dynamics, nothing would change. When my boyfriend finally said, “We can’t keep doing this,” ending a several year cycle…

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Rewrite Your Destiny in 2017 at Kripalu

Yoga, Movement, and Meditation for Self-Discovery with Nicole Smith at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health January 1–6, 2017 RSVP on Facebook Register Now at Kripalu What do kundalini, vinyasa, movement, meditation, self-discovery practices, and group coaching have to do with one another? Two words: embodiment and intuition. In my weeklong retreat, Yoga, Movement, & Meditation for Self-Discovery, you’ll deepen your relationship with embodiment and intuition through a three-step process: Your body as the map. Get to know your body’s inner landscapes. There are hidden paths to be discovered: from that pain in your neck, to the way you may not be…

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