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Why Costa Rica, and Why Retreats?

Let’s Start With Why I Host Retreats As humans, we require rest and recovery. It’s vital to our basic human function. Just as vital as breathing and having a roof over our heads. But you know what isn’t always restful? Ironically, VACATION! Booking plane tickets, figuring out all your meals, packing suitcases full of a million things because you don't know what you'll really need… and then when you’re actually ON vacation? It's hit or miss! More times than not, you can come home exhausted, needing a vacation from your own vacation! But retreats are NOT just a vacation. Yes, they are a getaway, but they…

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Rewrite Your Destiny in 2017 at Kripalu

Yoga, Movement, and Meditation for Self-Discovery with Nicole Smith at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health January 1–6, 2017 RSVP on Facebook Register Now at Kripalu What do kundalini, vinyasa, movement, meditation, self-discovery practices, and group coaching have to do with one another? Two words: embodiment and intuition. In my weeklong retreat, Yoga, Movement, & Meditation for Self-Discovery, you’ll deepen your relationship with embodiment and intuition through a three-step process: Your body as the map. Get to know your body’s inner landscapes. There are hidden paths to be discovered: from that pain in your neck, to the way you may not be…

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