What clients and colleagues have said about Nicole

“Nicole Smith brings her thoughtful and articulate voice to a Kundalini Yoga practice.” 

— Elena Brower

I highly recommend working with Nicole. I had previously known her as a yoga teacher, and as I was emerging from a mental health crisis, I took one of her chakra workshops. Nicole encouraged me to stay in touch, and I soon became her coaching client. As a high-achieving academic and cultural worker, I had my sense of self upended by this crisis, which catalyzed my desire to make major life changes.

A grounded, empathetic presence, Nicole addresses mental health concerns in a holistic, embodied way. With her support, over the course of six months, I was able to understand how the relationship between my emotions and bodily sensations shaped my reactions to everyday challenges and opportunities. Through perceptive listening, Nicole composed different Kundalini yoga meditations and exercises to support me through my journey, which included regaining my confidence, tapping into my sense of creativity, quitting smoking, and clearing my aura of different energetic intrusions. By integrating these practices into my daily routine, I have been able to stay grounded and quickly reset if I become overwhelmed.

Moreover, Nicole emphasized the importance of trusting my own intuition, which has led me to cultivate my skills as an energy healer. I now think of myself as both a scholar and healer. Rather than compartmentalizing different parts of my life or feeling disassociated, I’m now better able to integrate my skills, interests, and desires to create a sense of overall wholeness and well-being.

— private client

It is a gift to receive the wisdom of your cosmology, somatics, and kundalini yoga expertise. So very grateful for your teaching and leadership especially as we embrace awakening, awareness, healing and transformation. It is an honor to join you in your sessions.
— PWH Online member

I started working with Nicole in January after a low-back injury halted my dance career and crumbled my world. I was suffering from chronic pain, was unable to dance, and was extremely sad, angry, and frustrated. I didn’t know how to cope with the physical or emotional trauma I was experiencing and I felt incredibly alone and hopeless. It was in that dark place that I was introduced to Nicole and made the best decision of my life — I signed up for a 10-week one-on-one Dream Building course with Nicole as my Life Coach. Ten weeks turned in to six months of healing, growth, and transformation!

Unlike traditional therapy, Nicole’s course forced me to take an active roll in changing my life. We had weekly phone sessions, I followed guided meditations, I listened to audiotapes, and I did tons of journaling, free writing, visioning, and goal setting. Our work focused on every aspect of my life — the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual — the goal being to better my whole self. Nicole was right there with me during every step of the process pushing me, challenging me, and offering her unwavering love, support, and encouragement!

Thanks to Nicole’s invested coaching, I am happier, healthier, and living a more amplified life! My mind is calm and at peace — I think and believe positive thoughts and radiate the energy I want to attract. My soul has faith in a universal higher power — I believe that there is a wonderful plan for my life and I embrace where I am on my journey. My life has a healthy balance between hard work, relaxation, and pleasure. My heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude. And I believe in myself and believe that I have the power to achieve all of my dreams. Working with Nicole has forever changed my life! I am so incredibly grateful for her support!

— private client

Now, thanks to my work in this course, I know how to move with, believe in, and forgive myself with compassion and clarity. These days, I’m delighted to confess both continued practice and an evolving future of my design. Working with Nicole on this course expanded my vision of myself greatly, as it encouraged my body, mind, and spirit to remain open, clear, and flexible to all of life’s possibilities.
— course participant

Nicole is the real deal! A truly gifted yoga teacher and healer. My life has changed in so many wonderful ways since wandering into one of her classes over a year ago.
— PWH Online member

This course felt like a bridge into a new anchored state of existence. As I emerge into a new profession and discover what I would like that to look like, I now feel better equipped to take on a new journey within the healing arts field. I deeply appreciated the connections I made with the women in the mentorship program as well. This sisterhood of warrior women is a vast wealth of knowledge, warmth and comfort. I wrote down many tokens of wisdom and look forward to reflecting this winter. 

— mentorship participant

Nicole is a truly amazing presence of spirit! To know Nicole is among you is to FEEL her love, encouragement, excitement, and peace within you. I have been taking Nicole’s classes for about 5 years now and always leave feeling rejuvenated and energetically cleansed. What’s so amazing about Nicole’s teachings is that she combines a love of the human body with a deep spirituality; something I find is mutually exclusive in many other teachers. With Nicole, I get the love and respect of alignment while also falling deep into meditation because of her Kundalini magic! Nicole’s energy is one all should experience!
— PWH Online member

I had been in Survival Mode for so long that I became disconnected from my life. I no longer recognized myself, and I could not imagine a future beyond the day that I was trying to just get through. Knowing that major life changes needed to be made, but fearing a big leap into the unknown, I began practicing yoga. That practice led me to a couple of workshops that Nicole taught, and those workshops led me to a six-month journey of re-engaging with my life, under Nicole’s kind and patient guidance.

Using a collaborative approach, Nicole started our sessions by having me create a vision for my life, beyond “what kind of life would I live if I won the Powerball.” This is not an essay that languishes in my notebook, to be re-read occasionally: it is a detailed, living document for a life that I was able to begin creating and living immediately, using the resources and talents that I have, while planning and building the full life that I envision.

Nicole incorporated kundalini-based yoga and meditation into my daily routine, helping to bring my awareness to how I react — mentally and physically–to experiences throughout my day. With this practice, I began to unwind decades of negative messaging that had left me frozen in place and falsely comforted by the stagnation that I had convinced myself was stability. Nicole challenged me every week to identify and take a step in the direction of the life that I envision. Some weeks those were baby steps and some weeks those were jumps, but each movement forward was celebrated and built upon. And some weeks I fell flat on my face, but Nicole was there to spot me as I picked myself up and dusted myself off.

During the course of our sessions, the long-range parts of my vision suddenly scaled much larger than I had originally imagined and took on a sense of urgency. Before working with Nicole, I likely would have dismissed this as impossible, and scrapped that part of my vision for something much more simple. Instead, these changes are evolving from my on-paper vision into a real plan.

I am so grateful that Nicole appeared in my life at a time when I needed someone to help me clear away the old thoughts and patterns that were holding me back. She guided me beyond dreaming of a better life to building that life while I’m living it. Instead of allowing a fear of failure turn me to stone, I can’t wait to see what I come up with next!

— private client

I was planning to celebrate my birthday/New Year’s at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health this January, and while a different program initially caught my eye, I was so drawn to another program listing – “Rewrite Your Destiny: Yoga, Movement, and Meditation for Self-Discovery”. I had never heard of Nicole or her practice(s) before, but somehow I just knew that I needed to enroll in this course. Wow, am I glad that I did.

Nicole is so inspirational. Her blend of knowledge in Kundalini yoga, meditation, somatic psychology, and life coaching is outstanding. Each element is perfectly interwoven together, creating an uplifting, encouraging, and eye-opening experience. Nicole helped me realize my vision and discover new (and old!) values I have for myself. I left her 5-day program with tools that have helped me transform my life. I have the courage, commitment, and care to show up each and every day for the life I want to live.

It has been nearly two months since the program, and certainly there are still ups and downs in the day-to-day human experience. But ultimately, I feel more centered, calm, and joyful about the journey ahead.

If you have the opportunity and hear the calling, please join Nicole! She is a light!

— retreat participant

Nicole is the kind of teacher that guides you to see how strong and capable you are of. She is knowledgeable, loving, inspiring and has a steady calm presence that made this experience the perfect fusion of relaxing, fun, and full of new. I surprised myself at how much Kundalini yoga and meditation I was capable of doing, and I owe so much of that to the safe space Nicole created.
— PWH Online member

Nicole is a brilliant guide. Always uplifting, illuminating, extremely intelligent, she is a mentor, coach, and healer just oozing pure wisdom, compassion, and love… and she WILL reach you and touch you. You will be changed.

Now let’s list the side effects:

Your soul will be screaming thank you.
Your aura will be glowing, and your eyes will sparkle with new life and clear optimism.
You will experience natural bliss and bask in your own pure awareness.
You will learn to be still and present. You will move towards finding PEACE.
You will feel free. free from your mind, free from the mold others have put you in.
You will begin to embody your truth and innate potential as you tap into your limitless creative power.
You will experience glorious waves of GRATITUDE, most likely on the reg, and perhaps encounter unpredictable tears of joy.
Lastly, others WILL call you out on all of the above.

— private client

Nicole is such an excellent teacher and facilitator, and I feel her in such an embodied fullness. It is really grounding. These have been a very transformative 7 weeks! This mentorship was everything I hoped and much much more. Thank you Nicole for guiding this journey and sharing such powerful information and resources.

— mentorship participant

The work I did with Nicole gave me the tools I needed to push away my personal cobwebs and connect with the light and potential that resides within myself. All of us want to realize our dreams and feel a sense of purpose within our lives. Through an in-depth practice of yoga/meditation, journaling and counseling, I found how the importance of self-love, self-forgiveness, and gratitude lead me on the path of a self-fulfilling, connected and rich life.
— course participant

A little slice of heaven. That’s what Nicole feels like to me. Working to build my business and going through a divorce had my body tense to the point of breaking. Everything felt constricted. Blessed, I discovered Nicole who embodies what it means to be a deep, generous healer.

We did a private yoga session (which I can’t recommend enough!) where she met me exactly where I was — a little tired, out of shape and distracted — and gently guided me to more openness in my body and also my heart. Nicole’s voice is calm, sure and very relaxing. I felt well cared for and completely safe. She’s not handsy; just the lightest of touches to show where I was still gripping.

*Just back from one of my last of 10 sessions as a private client and feel so blessed. Nicole is someone who is exceptional at her work. I couldn’t have picked a better companion on this journey. She is wise, loving and caring. She sees me. What a gift! Perfect timing. I’m feeling like the old me… I’m back, bigger and bolder than ever. Thank you Nicole, for company and wisdom.

— private client

Nicole’s Kundalini classes have changed my life! I always walk out of them feeling more confident in my body and about my place in this world.
— PWH Online member

About six months ago I was struggling to communicate what I wanted to achieve in life, not only as an artist but also as a person. I hit a point where I felt as if nothing could go right but this was different than any previous roadblock that I dealt with. This time I knew that I had to ask for help because the loss I was feeling was like nothing I’ve felt before.

Nicole was the perfect fit because I knew that she not only has a calming presence but also that she is a trustworthy individual. She listened to my story and from there she worked with me to incorporate the methods that I was comfortable with trying (both traditional [coaching] and non-traditional [somatic coaching]) into our sessions.

With a mix of meditation, yoga and [coaching] sessions I was able to adapt healthy habits into my daily routine, which I found helped me work towards my life goals. My main focus was learning to be more in touch with my emotions and needs so that I would be able to connect with the people in my life. The great thing about it was that not only did my personal life flourish, but my creative life has also benefitted. Where before I was suffering from frequent panic attacks and seasonal depression, I’ve found that if I put the time in to what Nicole and I discussed in our sessions — I know how to calm myself down from an attack and I even went through this winter without an episode of depression.

I am now able to write, network and pursue casting opportunities with a new sense of calm. I’ve also found that I’ve become more independent. I am able to connect with others without feeling exhausted like I did in the past. And I feel more aware of who I am rather than as if I’m running to catch up to everyone else’s sense of self-confidence.

I’m not saying I found a one dosage cure but rather that the work I did with Nicole has helped me see that I positively respond to multiple avenues to help deal with my “road blocks.” I am fully aware and comfortable with the fact that in time the combo may change, and I feel as though our sessions have given me a bag of options to choose from. Thank you, Nicole!!!

— private client

Nicole is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever worked with. Joining her retreat at Kripalu was one of the best things I ever did. I have taken with me many things including a love for and daily practice of Kundalini yoga. Nicole’s guidance was essential to my understanding of kundalini Yoga. The journaling we did was very helpful in my self discovery and self improvement. Every morning Nicole led us through a wonderful yoga practice followed by kundalini yoga and chanting. This was life changing. My healing started taking place the first day we worked together. I could literally feel the energetic transformations taking place within me. The wisdom Nicole shared with me has changed my life forever. My outlook on life is completely different. I know I can do anything that is important for me, Marci. I am in tune with my emotions and know I can turn to music, dance, kundalini, etc. Thank you Nicole! So blessed to have worked with you.
— retreat participant

Nicole’s gentle, soft nature and sophisticated sequencing will leave you feeling grounding, clear, and relaxed. I have thoroughly enjoyed classes with Nicole and hope to continue along this path as part of my studies.
— PWH Online member

Please work with Nicole! You will be well on your way to a much more happy, satisfied you! Your soul will rest easier and your energy will be renewed for taking on whatever life throws at you! Since the course ended, I have an abundance of creative projects coming to me that I love. I’m also dating a man who is totally great! It feels so good to be living the dream. Thank you so much for all your help, check ins, and continued inspiration, Nicole!
— course participant

Nicole is authentic, genuine and knowledgeable. As a wellness practitioner and business owner that offers yoga classes in my studio, I have the utmost respect and trust in Nicole and her teaching. Every student leaves and can’t say enough wonderful things about her classes. Her voice is soothing, and her gentle energy makes you feel safe and at ease within seconds of being around her. If you’ve never tried yoga before, or have an avid practice, Nicole’s classes will not disappoint. I love her, my clients love her and I will continue to have her teach in my space for years to come!
— colleague

Nicole is such a beautiful soul, she made everyone feel welcome, comfortable and at ease and I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from her. The experience has launched me onto a new trajectory of embracing me as I am and exploring new ideas and belief systems. Thank You, Nicole!
— retreat participant

I took Nicole’s Kundalini Yoga class for several years. Besides helping me to heal from several physical issues, I was able to take away a different way of thinking and simply being. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t brainwashing or some cultish new age philosophy. It was a more of a subtle shift in viewing myself and the world around me; of really listening and hearing what so often becomes part of the white noise in my life; a way of stepping out of the box (or in my case, my cage) and hearing, accepting and cultivating and slowly improving my actions.

Thank you Nicole.

— PWH Online member

Nicole has been a continually healing presence and source of insight and wisdom in my life since we met in 2008. I have taken her online 10 Day course, two of her Vision Based Living Courses and have attended her yoga classes. With her calm and nurturing manner, she made the seemingly intimidating world of Kundalini yoga accessible to me. I’ve since come to find Kundalini to be a life saver for me mentally and physically. I’m an acrobat and learning how to channel my breath in movement through Nicole’s teaching has helped me recover from muscle strains and get back to moving quicker. I have learned to see pain as a call to action for deeper self-healing and not to ‘push through.’ I recommend Nicole and her offerings with highest confidence!
— course participant

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