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When Women Gather

“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love.
Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” – Sai Baba

The feminine energy, when channeled, is a powerful network of revitalization and healing. The community, therefore, that we so often feel, when in the presence of a beloved sisterhood, is a natural acknowledgment of the divine, historically accessed through gatherings of women since the beginning of time.

Gatherings answer a primal calling for a universal conversation, silent or spoken, and provide, as Sai Baba indicates, the greatest of healing powers. When womxn commune, by 2’s or 3’s or 50’s, the maternal sense is heightened, and expands, creating a holding of space for the stories we share, the burdens we carry and the truths written on our hearts. When we can proceed in love and trust, we become of service to one another, making sense of our shared emotional transformations and experiences and honing our empathic consciousness; all of this is a remembering of perhaps, one of the most forgotten and prolific credos…We Are One.

So celebrate your sisterhoods, delight in the knowledge of the goddess power within, foster new connections, opening your heart to those around you, nurturing the need we have within us to be seen, be heard and to be loved….the need we have to heal.
We Are One.

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