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Why Costa Rica, and Why Retreats?

Let’s Start With Why I Host Retreats

As humans, we require rest and recovery. It’s vital to our basic human function. Just as vital as breathing and having a roof over our heads.

But you know what isn’t always restful? Ironically, VACATION!

Booking plane tickets, figuring out all your meals, packing suitcases full of a million things because you don’t know what you’ll really need… and then when you’re actually ON vacation? It’s hit or miss! More times than not, you can come home exhausted, needing a vacation from your own vacation!

But retreats are NOT just a vacation. Yes, they are a getaway, but they are so much more than that. Every moment of this retreat is dedicated to your rest, your growth, your healing, and your peace. We’ve taken care of the itinerary, the menu, the activities, the energetic arc of the experience… you don’t have to worry about a thing except to show up, and enjoy the process.

Imagine feeling joy as you return home, not exhaustion.

Retreats are powerful portals of transformation. That’s why I host them, and that’s why I encourage you to come see for yourself!

Now, Why Costa Rica?

I love this question. As you may know, I’ve hosted retreats in captivating gorgeous places like the Berkshires, the Northern Californian redwoods, New Mexican high desert, and fertile Upstate New York, but none have instilled excitement and anticipation quite like the jungle and beaches of Costa Rica.

Bill and I visited Costa Rica on our honeymoon, so obviously, it holds a special place in our hearts. As soon as we arrived, I knew I needed to host a retreat in this utopia. That dream is finally coming to fruition seven years later!

With its untouched beaches and lush jungles, it almost feels like a last frontier. It’s a place where humans and nature live in such harmony… it’s like another world.

The locals are so sunny, inside and out. They live by the motto “Pura Vida,” meaning Pure Life. They live in tune with the earth and they live with love.

Why Our Venue?

Now, when I say lush jungles and untouched beaches, don’t worry — we won’t be camping in a leaky tent ⛺️

The Imiloa Institute is the perfect marriage of HIGH luxury and ethical principles. The accommodations are lavish, with all the creature comforts you’ll need to stay satisfied. The staff is attentive and you’ll feel positively spoiled by the end of our stay! It’s like being at a Five Star All-Inclusive resort (while also on a yoga retreat!). 

But more importantly, The Imiloa Institute’s values go far beyond 850 thread count sheets and fiber optic internet.

They value sustainability, keeping earth-friendly practices at the forefront of their operation. They are respectful of the sacred land they call home, and they support the original people of that land in many ways. Every person working at Imiloa operates with integrity, showing their guests how truly welcoming this paradise can be.

It’s a place that cannot be captured with words or in photos. You simply must see it for yourself.

I do hope you give yourself the gift of a retreat of this magnitude. It promises to be one like no other I’ve hosted before, and being the adventure seeker that I am… not one I will host again!

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“This experience was transformational. It was my very first retreat and certainly won’t be my last. Over the last year or two the message has been “SHINE”, but sometimes that is easier said than done. This experience made me remember just how bright my star is and just how worthy I am of letting it shine brightly. I felt myself releasing much trauma in the breathwork sessions. Nicole, thank you for your dedication to healing in and through the body. Sometimes the brain and heart are so guarded. I will never be the same. I will never abandon myself or my inner artist again.” -Sam

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  • Hi Nicole…I am very interested and would love to come with Dave, but I really need more info re costs, daily schedules, etc. Also, if we wanted a longer stay could we add on at beginning or end? Floating on a creativity cloud since our retreat!

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