Yoga & Meditation

Our journey begins with the body, drawing from the best of yoga for you. This creates strength, flexibility, mind-body integration, harmony and balance. Hatha yoga postures, particularly chosen for your needs, are guided with a gentle trauma-sensitive approach. We will touch into and integrate your sacred unique spirit. Together we’ll detoxify limiting energy and strengthen your soul, using the gifts of breathwork and Kundalini Yoga. You will experience ease in your body, a healed nervous system, a strengthened immune system, and more joy, lightness, and bliss. You’ll receive breathing and visualizations you can do anytime, daily, that will noticeably alter your presence, confidence, and clarity. Reach out… Are you tired of running circles managing symptoms, want to get at the roots, and are ready for a change? If so, sign-up for your free phone consultation. Read More in Methods